Holland Bar Stool

How to Use Our Gallery

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Holland Bar Stool


How to Browse Products by Specific Team/Association

To browse by Team, click your mouse over the drop-down arrow next to "College Teams" or "NHL Teams" to see the list of teams. Then select the team you want. If a team has multiple logos, you will see another drop down arrow next to the Team Name. You may either click the team name to view all products and logos, or open the drop-down and select a specific logo to view.



How to Browse All Products Under a Given Type

You can also browse our gallery by Product. If you want to view all of our Logo Bar Stools for instance, click the mouse over the drop-down arrow for "Logo Products", then select "Bar Stools". If a there are numerous product types under a category, you will see an additional drop-down arrow. For instance, with "Game Tables", you can click the mouse over that drop-down to view the individual types: Pool Tables, Shuffleboad, Air Hockey, and Foosball.



How to Search for What You are Looking For

If you know the product you are looking for, you may search for it using common search terms at the search box in the corner.
Just type in the product you want. For instance:


  • "Auburn Stools"
  • "Logo Tables"
  • "Notre Dame Pool Table"
  • "Michigan Tire Cover"
  • etc.


How to Download a Image

To download an image, click it to open the preview. Then right-click the download button and go to "Save link as..." or "Save image as..." to save it to your computer. Some images do not need to preview, and you can right-click right in the gallery to save (such as Tire Covers, Grill Cover, etc.)


How to Find a SKU for Each Item

Simply hover your mouse over the image to see the SKU.